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Networking, promoting, advertising, web designing and staffing are all services PE Marketing can offer you.

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PE Marketing reaches large number of customers and prospects, quickly and cheaply. By creating interest, you will not only generate new business but repeat business as well. Using working tools such as website designing, social mediums and bulk e-mailing, you will soon experience the power of, word of mouth. Not only will you notice an increase in sales, but website traffic will increase too.



          Owner Manager, Isabel Beukes, who is exceptionally passionate about consulting and who has fulfilled many diverse roles in her 15 years working career...


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Online Marketing

PE Marketing has an online marketing division which specialises in website design through Joomla! We offer quality websites, custom made for your company...

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Imagine an increase in sales-Let us help you promote your business in all the social media channels. "


  • Custom made promotional templates for Social Media and Bulk E-mailing
  • Affordable Rates
  • Excellent after sale service